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Meet Our Team


Fainer Benjamin

Pastor Fainer came to us from Andrews University and helped us struggle through COVID-19. He is an enthusiastic "evangelist" longing to share the Good News about Jesus with our Community. His involvement in Ministry opportunities has helped many of our members step out in faith and become active different ministries themselves.

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Joseph (Joe) VonHolt

Joe has been an Adventist throughout his adult life, giving His life to Jesus when he was 23 years old. He is our “Welcome Ministry” leader, making sure everyone who comes through the door is acknowledged, encouraged and “hugged”. His team makes certain our visitors are well informed as to our “days events”. Joe is a Master Craftsman, has remodeled nearly every corner of our church, built our A/V Sound Booth and our Welcome Center. He is involved in giving Bible Studies in homes as requested.

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David Fletcher

Dave grew up in the Adventist Faith and has remained a faithful member and leader since his youth. He currently serves as an Elder, but also ministers through the A/V Ministry and working with Pathfinders. He teaches Sabbath School occasionally and preaches. He has worked for Advent Health for most of his adult life.

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Ramon Veloz

Ramon is an educated Pastor from Cuba, now a naturalized citizen of the US. He and his family moved here from Cuba 7 years ago. He is now a small business owner and enjoys the opportunities of sharing Jesus with His staff and clients. One day, he hopes to return to his “first love”, Preaching of God’s Word, which he will be able to do in both Spanish and English. He serves as “Head Deacon”, organizing Sabbath services, teaches Sabbath School on a rotation basis and preaches. He is our “translator” during the worship service.

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Church Clerk and Head Deaconess

Melanie Schleininger

Melanie is our Church Clerk and Head Deaconess but her passion has always been nursing. She worked for 40 years in the same facility, retiring as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse in 2021. She handles transfers of membership, record keeping for baptisms, profession of faith memberships, etc. She organizes our “Agape Feast” and Communion in the Spring and our Candlelight Communion at Christmas. She is also our Health Ministry Leader and is working as an instructor in our Correspondence Bible School.

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Sabbath School Superintendent and Church Secretary

Karen Beaver

A life-long Adventist, Karen was educated in our schools and has worked throughout her life in many different positions. She is currently responsible for ordering Sabbath School supplies and prepares our weekly bulletins. She is a member of our Praise Team, Prayer Team and has volunteered to be a Bible School instructor.

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Church Administrator and Treasurer

Beverly (Bev) VonHolt

Bev joined the Adventist Church in her early 20’s and has been a faithful active part of each church she has belonged to. She currently serves as our Church Administrator (over church board agendas, website, worship service, ministry organization, Bible Correspondence School and "special events") and Treasurer. She teaches a “Building Faith” Sabbath School Class and preaches occasionally.

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13305 Kemper Ave
Independence, MO 64050-1512

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Every Saturday

9:45am: Bible Study

11:00am: Worship Service

1:00pm: Intercessory Prayer Ministry

1:00pm: Homeless Ministry

1:00pm: Bible Correspondence School

Every Third Saturday

1:00pm: Fellowship Meal


6:30pm: Small Groups